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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


When asked about the likelihood of London rivals Spurs joining G14, Wenger physically soiled his own trousers with laughter, fell of his chair and then got up, dusted himself down, ahemmed a bit, then left...

Friday, October 13, 2006

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telugu past heroines



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bhanu priya - tilak's fav

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toledo talons : u like it ??

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snoop dogg

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Friday, August 25, 2006


google has done a lot of things . maybe even a lot of crazy things. some of their ventures are pointless. but the digital library was a good idea. it had to be done by someone someday when i read this , i was happy
it allows u to find a book and then find it in the local libraries.
thats good.

Monday, July 17, 2006

robots and empire

robots and empire by isaac asimov
its the last of the robot series. i like the whole series.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

van helsing

van helsing.. the book
has beem made from the movie and is very much similar (including the dialogues).

chronicles of riddick

read this book. chronicles of riddick. adaptation from the movie. i seem to like these kind of books these days. movies made into books or books made into movies.
other/next books to be read:
12 red herrings
robots and empire : isaac asimov - i like these ones very much. they are very well written and have a very good inbuilt theme running through the whole robot series.
david beckham : autobiography - read abt 100 pages . doesnt seem very impressive .. maybe itll get better
13th warrior : crichton
digital fortress: dan brown
Robert Ludlum's The Altman code / written by Gayle Lynds.
The Cardinal of the Kremlin / Tom Clancy

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

cool things about hyderabad

there are a lot of times where i get into arguments with several of my vizag friends about the cool things in hyd. i tell them hyd is much better and ghas so many things to do each day.
here i list some of the things/people i think that make hyderabad awesome(in no particular order - actually in the order that strikes my brain):

hyderabadi biryani (paradise, my favorite - madina the other place)
tank bund.
buddha statue
necklace drive road
vvs laxman
raju (i beleive he's hydi)
sania mirza
ramoji film city
k circle
old city (colors and coloring are magnificent - no more dangerous than my grandmom)
blend of new and old things thru the city
the places you can drive
the way ppl say 'seedhe chale jao' for any direction you need to travel
"chalta hai" attitude
'famous' ice cream
nampally exhibition
hitec city phase 1 and 2 ( hope there is a 3)
the chat wala at ameerpet junction
the bajji wala at gandhinagar
the indian chinese wala at w marredpally
yatri nivas (serves some of the tastiest food)
our place (never seen a restuarant with a outdoor / indoor decor like that)
tons of swank new resturants for the upward headed
country club
secundrabad club
nizam college/grounds
parade grounds
raj bhavan garden (one of the best ive seen - not that ive seen many)
midways + bakers inn + floyover bakeries
the panjagutta/somajiguda circle (with the malls included)
runway 9
airport (not many ppl like it , but i used to run there during my engg years)
new airport (the design seems good, very hi-fi)
dvr cet (with all the faults and pros)
osmania university
hyderabad public school
harsha bhogle
host of other celebs
lots of loafers roaming around the koti women's college
the new and old cricket stadiums
the cybercafes and usa call centres
the tea shops
the multitude of theatres ( anand sangeet sensation)
i-max (reserved a new line for this one)
secret lake ( almost forgot this of the worst kept secrets of hyderabad)
the rocks at secret lake
the road that leads upto the highest rock at secret lake (probably at around 45 degree for 1/2 a km)
salarjung museum
birla planetarium + temple + science museum
the visa temple at
the sanchi temple
deccan chronicle (its part of hyderabad - if you dont read it , ur day is not complete)
the hindi urdu telugu mix spoken
the autos
golconda fort
mecca masjid
the national games sports complex at gachobowli (looks awesome from a plane. i saw it and charminar on my flight to there)
nehru zoological park (my best in about the 10 ive seen in india)
my som papidi

Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year

wishing all a happy, fun and delicious new year. after food is one of the best things in life. live to eat!