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Monday, March 29, 2010

Next Forum Topic


can we try this at the next forum meeting to start things off...I think it will be a great exercise...


Tribes we lead

Next meeting’s topic:

• ‘Tribes we lead’ by Seth Godin:
• ‘Tribal Leadership’ by David Logan:
• ‘Better Customer Service Through Transparency, Tribes and Talent by John Sviokla:
• Marketing the group
o Vision/Mission Statement
o Website
o List of people to invite to future meetings

Sunday, March 07, 2010


i love watching the Oscars. i love movies. one of the things i look in retrospect to is the "in memorial". the actors who passed away this year always puts me in a mournful and sorrow mood. last year was especially hard. i am beginning to realize that i know more and more of the people on that screen. i have been on this earth for 27 years and that is time enough (with my voracious appetite for movies) to have a seen a bunch of them.
Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze were this year's people who i knew well from movies and popular cinema. Last year was the joker from batman (heath ledger) and a year before that was peter boyle.

On a more joyous note, I also love how this year the sound has been given a more important role. I think it is very important and in my eyes (no pun intended) plays a more crucial part in the experience of cinema. I try to watch a movie at least once a week. More often it is 3-5 movies a week. and Soundtracks make me more happy than anything else.