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Monday, June 28, 2004

la race

i've sat down to blog. as of now im in ny sitting in the office of indotronix inc. as previously planned we went to the usgp in indianapolis. it was amazing. the cars were so damn fast . never in my wildest imagination did i think the f1 cars wud be so fast. i got a few pictures which i will put up in the webpage. immediately after the race day i left for ny. this tme i took the train. already having travelled lots of time by ait and bus i decided to "amtrak" this time. it wasnt the best experience, but it was bad either. ramam picked me up.i got a comp with high speed net and lots of java programming to do.thats all for now. till later....
update : the photos i was talking abt: go

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

hookin' up ^

Today's the first day of my internship. i met all the ppl in the company and filled out a tonn of paperwork for the 2 month period. i was asked to sit down temporarily at a desk in the technical dept. as it turned out that had become my place. its nice. a big work table.. with 3 ibm think centre as my cpu .i havent got connected to the net yet..but cud use the oppsoite comp to chek mai ladn stuff. by tomm i shud have the net up and running..a bit tired bcoz of all the travel.. dont laugh yet... i had to finish usb port enuf for vince to take over...go to indianapolis for the gp in a car that was working suspiciously and drive back(poor murali:doing the driving)..and then to top it off leave the immediate evening for poughkeepsie,ny via amtrak(train services) at 1:00 am. get stuck at albany for 3 hours since the connecting train gets cancelled. and finally reach here..that was enuf for me..though i need to plan later for how to get back to toledo in 2 months..i got some time though i'll take time..

Friday, June 18, 2004

mon mustachios

this might be an insignificant blog for the most of the people. but for me as a andhra - telugu - traditional upbringing guy , this is a big and significant step. also this blog is about the date mentioned above but actually has been blogged on a later date with updates.
i today wilfully and knowingly shaved off my moustache. il looked weird for the day. i shaved once before when i got my whole head shaved. but that was religious and i don't think that counts considering i had less hair on my head than above my lip. so how does the look go?
i hate it . i think i look dumb and kind of like a ruffian without brains.
latest update: i now dont think the above statement has any sense. itotally retract that statament. though the lack of brains cannot be completely disregarded. this has been my best look in all of my life(13th july 2004)
apart from the look the reaction from ppl hasnt been too bad.sure they thought i look bad and funny. but the guys with whom i went on the race have accepted the look and reached a comprimise with their brains not consdering me as someone they know.
oldest update: ramam and family dont think i look half as bad as i thought.i'm beginnign to beleive i can actually pull this off.(23 rd june2004)
update between the above two updates: tak9ing me as inspiration (or probably not), rohit my dearest brother has also shaved his moustche off. im sure he look like dc(david coulthard )with that huge fore head of his. he's already been compared to a few other ppl he tells me. yes, i spoke to family back home today.that's where i got this info(11th july 04)

Sunday, June 13, 2004

my bday

a lot of things have hapenned since i've last blogged. first of all i celebrated my birthday on the eve of 1st june. and also ramki bday which also falls on the 1st of june. and then we've got vinay whose bday is on the 2nd of june. i went to franklin park mall on the 31st of may and bought a few shirts. and then on that nite i got a thrashing of my life by all. i think suri,venky and murali were the hardest. but srikanth and vinay were not silent either. and then there the consolation thrashing by the others. ramki also seem to have gotten a bad thrashing.
and the next day vinay gets thrashed too. and cake on his face along with other items namely cake, chocolate syrup, diced tomatoes , eggs(they stained the carpet..had to spend the nite cleaning them out after guests left)..and other stuff i mite not know.
well after those days things quietened down a little. i had other stuff going on too. like the internship thing. i got an offer as an intern in ny. so i had to be working for that . i had problems fulfilling the criteria for the oiss office and the eecs dept. as of now i think im going to ny after the usgp which is on the 19th and the 20th . those shud be fun days. tomm i get to register for the independant study course and the finish up formalities with the oiss office.
apart from those things, i have been working on the usb port in the free time. and also watched a tonnnn of movies. god i must have watched atleast 30-40 movies in the last 15 days. a lot of telugu, english and a few hindi movies.
well i have been reading scouring of the shire recently. i still think that is the best chapter of the book. it is worth getting a movies of its own. iwas mightily disappointed when the lotr 3 dint have anyhting aby this chapter.well i cant have everything . that still leaves a hope for a movie being made abt the chapter. hopefully signing off...