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Monday, August 30, 2004

got a job :-)

its not what i wanted. it'll keep me up atleast. im a student associate worker at cyber-fresh for avi food systems. or simply put i work in a cafeteria. it wud be nice if i got a pay raise since i worked there in fall last year too. but im not comlpaining. not yet atleast.
vinay is back today.
ravi left yesterday.
the roommate situation has continued to to be very dyanamic.
though ithink we have a solution here.
me, vinay, vijay and chintu. back to the old drawing board. 4 telugu hyderabadi guys.
im gonna be attending the part time job fair in a few days to prey on any unsuspecting employers who are naive enough to offer me a job.
wow. my typing has improved and i make lesser spelling mistakes now.
on that good note....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

india independance parade...

my photo at the parade

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


i have spent the last 2 days (apart from registering for the thesis) on searching for jobs.on campus jobs. i have applied to 4-5 places. i will be applying to some more. somhow i feel i wont get the jobs i want. there is always avi where i could work. im sure michelle would accomodate me. theres a job fair on the 1st of spet..maybe that day will be a better one.wish me all the best.

Monday, August 23, 2004

college..fall 2004

college starts tomorrow....or rather s already chatting with mom
i have to get my courses changed. i had to take an independent research under dr.heuring (thanks for the help, amy) coz dr.j wasnt in college on friday. now, today i have to hope dr j turns up and signs a form for me to add thesis and drop the research.
amy helped me alot. heck, she even knows my last name and email by heart by now.
vijay is my roomate. she shifted in today.
i watched patch adams yesterday. i had already seen it once long back. some scenes were hear rendering. i dont know what's hapenning. either i'm watching good movies and enjoying all of them OR im beginnign to like verey movie i see without any like or taste.
and all the books too. they have kinda bland now. i wud enjoy a book otherwise.but now all the books also seem to have the same principle. and there is no differnece. maybe i shud read stuff liek ayn rand and stop all the thrillers/suspense/spy/regular kind of novles genre.
and with toast to that thought...signing off

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

red dragon

after this frighful movie, the picture in my mind about hannibal lecter is complete. edward norton plays a wonderful role in this compilation. he is one of lecter's victims i realsie. i had thought mason verger was the only one. i am going thru the case files of dr lecter. brilliantly conceived. truly gruesome.matches jack the ripper or evene exceeds him in his cruelty.
this is one of the best movies in the category of grossness+violence+horror in a ogingback to toled oon thursady

houses in america

american houses have the starngest tendency. they are made of wood. that is not what makes them peculia. the wood is saggy after a few years under the sun,rain,snow etc:the natural elements.. this causes the houses to creak. when i first landed here,it usedto give the creeps. all the furntire creaks. the stairs groan under the heavy weight of ppl walking. they give out strange noises one per step. the beds...the beds are the worst. everytime i sleep in the guest room of roni's house. evrydamn time i spend an uncomfrtable night dreaming of creaking noises. add to that effect the affect of horror movies like the red dragon which im watching now,or movie like the cell (*ing j.lo) which has abnoramlly abnormal scenes in it. i am happy after i finish with the nite.

Monday, August 16, 2004


i am in smithtown. in roni mama's place. the weekend and today monday. i am aiming to get back to toledo atleast or the sake of plyaing doom3. in other news, i cleaned the swimming pool and and also the news that the shcolarship for the masters has been granted. thanks venky for the help and support thruough out this period.
i am thinking abt going back on the wed and recaing tol early morning next day.
till then i will enjoy this place, the big tv,movies, f1, premiership soccer.
talking of soccer, ars was amazing in their dmeolition of everton.also news of chelsea beating manu has been helpful. somehoe though chelski has the better chance of winning i feel the more challenging opponents will be manu. arsenal has the teeam i can be proud of. ppl were supporting manu and real during ars's tough period. i kept saying watch and see. now u can see the height ars have reached. the thing missing is a cl. we stand a good chanc in the next 5 years.
go gunners!go gooners

Sunday, August 15, 2004

independance day

i spent india's indepednce day in new york city. i was in the parade with the telugu association. i went along with vijaya aunty.when i was told there would be a float i thought the float would be on water. i dint think it was the parade type float used during such days. stupid me! the day was an experience. i spent the day meeting new people and doing new stuff. we walked with the float and telugu community. i got to see ar rehman, dino morea and miss india-america(not that they are significant ,except for arr). we walked right past them and only then i realised that was arr. like every genius, he was simple and i could have easily not spotted him. he reminds me of sachin. he is in every aspect like sachin. quite, humble,freak geniuses in their own respect etc.
the streets of ny were blocked on the 42nd street.thats an importnat street. there's gct, chrysler. i was told that for evry ethnic country this kind of thing is done. ther was also a intl food festival going on. unfortuntetly , i found that out only after i had already eaten subway.
the streets were aligned with ppl and it was an unforgettable experience. once in a life this ishud be done. a couple of things which struck me as strange. no flag hoisting. probably that wud be coz we are in a different country. and also while we were chanting slognas in praise of our motherland and state, there was also chanting for god bless america. while i do not wish any harm to the country or the denizens of usa,i think that was wrong and wud have been nice if avoided. the day belongs to india and it shud be in total harmony for the same.but they are small incidents.

Friday, August 13, 2004



that's the tornado called charley coming onto florida.looks scary


woo hoo!!
back to toledo by next weekend
guess what im doing till then: vacation @ roni mama's house
i.e . grasscutting,lawn mowing,weedpulling...:((
naw...jus kiddin' man..shud be fun
happy independence day: aug 15th
i mite get to go on a float
im done here

Monday, August 09, 2004


as the monday dies away, i have less than week at iic. i will finish my internship this friday. i told my boss and somehow he was of the impression that i wud be here till the month end. i told him its not so. spoke to mom today. thye renetd a versa this weekend and took rk and family out to shilparamam and gatchbowli stadium and dinner at home. mom asked abt when i wud come home to india. its a big question and it will take me time to decide. i will have to go late dec or more like early jan i guess.that is if i decide to go. dr.j has to give me permission.and then india! here i come!
suri and ramki and ananth have already booked their trips. others have dome so too.

Sunday, August 08, 2004


this is the acknowledgement from vince flynn's third option. it is very nice.
it is extremely gratufying to make a living doing somehting that you is even more so when you are surrounded by ppl you like, trust and respect. thank you for making me so happy.

the prelude also is worth wirintg abt here:
avr americans are too busy living their lives to look beyond the headlines and wonder what secrest these ppl may have taken to their graves. among those in teh know eyebrows may have raised and aeven a few question asked, but ultimately a bling eye is turned and life goes on. to seek answersfro mthisdark community is a very dangerous thing. it is the world of covertoperations, a very real but unseen part of teh govt's foreign and sometimes domestic polic. it is bigger than any one person. it is the t3rd option and it is one that is not always used by wise adn honorable men.

la troisième option

the third option
finished in 2 days. this is a classical cia - fbi - individual terrorist hunter kind of story. it is by vince flynn. a less known author.i had enjoyed the book in a way. it makes light reading for the fact that it is not overly might even give an insight into the working of the cia and the govt.
the hero is mitch rapp. he is a terroist hunter operating for the cia only informally. the team orion. the cia has complete deniability if he gets caught. the director of the cia plays an old guy who is a mastermind (he has cancer and is dying though). the refreshing quality is that the hero does not find the ultimate mole in the book. the author leaves it in a hanging way. the hero knows how to get to the rogue senator,but has to chose to do it.
the third option is named so coz it is the only way out when diplomacy fails and military action is not an option. hence the third option.covert mission to kill the terrorists or the perpetrators.
there are other charaters who are vital but are not very noteworthy for this review. like the person who is taking over the directorship from cancer affected. there is mitch's girlfreind, her best friend and her husband , mitch's best friend scott coleman etc etc. the president is also involved in this op very openly. the main objective was to kill saddam's weapon supplier. he is killed and then micth's help tries to kill him. the story is basically trying to find who and why!
so much for the is on the lines of a tom clancy..maybe the detail isn't on guns and the op but on the talk.
on other news....
today we went to see some houses for ramam and then we went to taco bell for lunch. i like their mexican pizza and that's what i ordered.
tomm work starts agina after the long weekend i had. this will be my last week at iic. im planning to go to roni's place after the stint here. rama atta also invited me to their place for thanksgiving or xmas. i have to see abt that .
college starts on 21st. that is another concern. i have to regiuster for 9hrs thesis. amy gaertner hasnt agreed to my taking 7 theses and 2 reseacrch. i have to take 2 independant study next sem, or maybe a computer course or two.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

bowdoin park

rama atta, ramesh mama, harsha,deepti and veena had come over during the weekend. it was fun spending time with them. we went for a picnic at the bowdoin park. it has a nice view of the hudson valley river. we all played frisbee for some time and then harsha and me played for some more time getting the art almost to perfection. we watched a couple of movies later that day . munna bhai mbbs and gothika. munna was funny while gothika was run of the mill.only thing abt gothika is it has linkin park's behind blue eyes as ost.
today i watched cody banks2. it was not a very good movie. though the heroine who must be 16-17 was a cameron diaz lookalike. she cud be baby spice also for all u know.
photo of hannah spearitt who plays emily in cb2

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


a few days back amar wrote that he had completed 2 years in the us. i have completed 1 year in the us. i cant believe it. more importantly it means, that i have been away from india for a year now. wow.. its very difficult... missing india... only when we are denied of something we learn its value..
home cooking
friends (though i made new friends here)
indian atmosphere in general

Monday, August 02, 2004


last night i was sick. i had a lot of chills and shivers. i haven't felt that sick since 2 -3 years back when i had a fever. i was wondering i had to do get treatment. it is kinda worrying thinking abt the costs , procedures etc for something as simple as a fever or even anyhting major. there's quality definately..but .... there is that but ..i cant explain it.
i was actually checking up on malaria and the symtoms and causes excactly matched what i was feeling etc.
look at this site
well i feel good enough now to write this . i have not had any chills or fever. it was all like a bad dream. which for all i know it could have been. i always get these chills only at night.i dont know why.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

the weeeeknd

the last two days have seen me experience a lot of things i had always wanted to do. some of them were as good or even better than expected, while a few ( i must add very few) have been disappointing.
the most disappointing was the loss of india in the cricket match against sri lanka for the asia cup. a strtling fact out of this is that india has lost 10 of the 13 finals it has reached in the last 3 years. that is a very prominent statistic. maybe a more appropriate word is startling. it means india has reached the finals ., it did well to reach the finals..but is hasnt been able to provide the final thrust needed to win... its as if the energy is exhausted for that final thrust from being spent at the pre-stages.
apart from this, arsenal drew with ajax. both are excellent teams. ajax wud be the team most close to arsenal in my opinion. they are similar to arsenal. arsenal continues to not lose even if does not win. so the streak is still there.though it will argued by rohit. he still manu is the clearly is not alone at the top.
coming to the more important things and things which are more related to me directly. i went to hershey park a theme park in hershey, pennsylvania (wow, thats tough to spell..maybe i spelt it rong) for the weekend. it is a huge park. it has lots of rides for ppl of all ages. it is a nice place and the weather which was threatening all week to spoil our fun decided to postpone its inclementiveness. this does sound like an ad for hershey. i will post pics in a few days. the roller cosaters were amazing. ther is one called the sooperdooperlooper. ucant expect how it feels like just from the name. it is all that is says it is. otherwise i enjoyed a lot of rides with sindhuri. anirrudh , sindhuri and me, all of us cud go on a few rides and we all enjoyed it. the music express and the one which round within a round comes immediately to mind.
i finished reading rising sun by michael crichton. im ist say thought politically based, it does have excellent abse to it.i enjoyed reading it throughly.
by the way, hershey park is from teh makers of hershey we spent today in the chocolate world.that was quite an experience too.
one of the fuuny features of today was i forgot get my belt for the trip. i was weraing loose trousers and i was roaming around 500 ppl with pants loose and me holding onto them for the day.
now i gotta get ready for the week
im ready for it