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Sunday, August 01, 2004

the weeeeknd

the last two days have seen me experience a lot of things i had always wanted to do. some of them were as good or even better than expected, while a few ( i must add very few) have been disappointing.
the most disappointing was the loss of india in the cricket match against sri lanka for the asia cup. a strtling fact out of this is that india has lost 10 of the 13 finals it has reached in the last 3 years. that is a very prominent statistic. maybe a more appropriate word is startling. it means india has reached the finals ., it did well to reach the finals..but is hasnt been able to provide the final thrust needed to win... its as if the energy is exhausted for that final thrust from being spent at the pre-stages.
apart from this, arsenal drew with ajax. both are excellent teams. ajax wud be the team most close to arsenal in my opinion. they are similar to arsenal. arsenal continues to not lose even if does not win. so the streak is still there.though it will argued by rohit. he still manu is the clearly is not alone at the top.
coming to the more important things and things which are more related to me directly. i went to hershey park a theme park in hershey, pennsylvania (wow, thats tough to spell..maybe i spelt it rong) for the weekend. it is a huge park. it has lots of rides for ppl of all ages. it is a nice place and the weather which was threatening all week to spoil our fun decided to postpone its inclementiveness. this does sound like an ad for hershey. i will post pics in a few days. the roller cosaters were amazing. ther is one called the sooperdooperlooper. ucant expect how it feels like just from the name. it is all that is says it is. otherwise i enjoyed a lot of rides with sindhuri. anirrudh , sindhuri and me, all of us cud go on a few rides and we all enjoyed it. the music express and the one which round within a round comes immediately to mind.
i finished reading rising sun by michael crichton. im ist say thought politically based, it does have excellent abse to it.i enjoyed reading it throughly.
by the way, hershey park is from teh makers of hershey we spent today in the chocolate world.that was quite an experience too.
one of the fuuny features of today was i forgot get my belt for the trip. i was weraing loose trousers and i was roaming around 500 ppl with pants loose and me holding onto them for the day.
now i gotta get ready for the week
im ready for it

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