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Monday, August 30, 2004

got a job :-)

its not what i wanted. it'll keep me up atleast. im a student associate worker at cyber-fresh for avi food systems. or simply put i work in a cafeteria. it wud be nice if i got a pay raise since i worked there in fall last year too. but im not comlpaining. not yet atleast.
vinay is back today.
ravi left yesterday.
the roommate situation has continued to to be very dyanamic.
though ithink we have a solution here.
me, vinay, vijay and chintu. back to the old drawing board. 4 telugu hyderabadi guys.
im gonna be attending the part time job fair in a few days to prey on any unsuspecting employers who are naive enough to offer me a job.
wow. my typing has improved and i make lesser spelling mistakes now.
on that good note....


Anonymous said...

hey, thank you for linking my website!!! thats so nice of you. :) -becca (

Sandeep Bhimavarapu said...

hey becca
you're more than welcome.
i enjoy reading your blog. atleast you dont mind it. there was this other person who wrote a rude comment to my blog when i put her link in too.
i thought ppl dont like it when i do that. she told me to remove it. i dint write back to her abusive langauge ,but i removed the link.
keep bloggin