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Sunday, August 08, 2004

la troisième option

the third option
finished in 2 days. this is a classical cia - fbi - individual terrorist hunter kind of story. it is by vince flynn. a less known author.i had enjoyed the book in a way. it makes light reading for the fact that it is not overly might even give an insight into the working of the cia and the govt.
the hero is mitch rapp. he is a terroist hunter operating for the cia only informally. the team orion. the cia has complete deniability if he gets caught. the director of the cia plays an old guy who is a mastermind (he has cancer and is dying though). the refreshing quality is that the hero does not find the ultimate mole in the book. the author leaves it in a hanging way. the hero knows how to get to the rogue senator,but has to chose to do it.
the third option is named so coz it is the only way out when diplomacy fails and military action is not an option. hence the third option.covert mission to kill the terrorists or the perpetrators.
there are other charaters who are vital but are not very noteworthy for this review. like the person who is taking over the directorship from cancer affected. there is mitch's girlfreind, her best friend and her husband , mitch's best friend scott coleman etc etc. the president is also involved in this op very openly. the main objective was to kill saddam's weapon supplier. he is killed and then micth's help tries to kill him. the story is basically trying to find who and why!
so much for the is on the lines of a tom clancy..maybe the detail isn't on guns and the op but on the talk.
on other news....
today we went to see some houses for ramam and then we went to taco bell for lunch. i like their mexican pizza and that's what i ordered.
tomm work starts agina after the long weekend i had. this will be my last week at iic. im planning to go to roni's place after the stint here. rama atta also invited me to their place for thanksgiving or xmas. i have to see abt that .
college starts on 21st. that is another concern. i have to regiuster for 9hrs thesis. amy gaertner hasnt agreed to my taking 7 theses and 2 reseacrch. i have to take 2 independant study next sem, or maybe a computer course or two.

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