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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

houses in america

american houses have the starngest tendency. they are made of wood. that is not what makes them peculia. the wood is saggy after a few years under the sun,rain,snow etc:the natural elements.. this causes the houses to creak. when i first landed here,it usedto give the creeps. all the furntire creaks. the stairs groan under the heavy weight of ppl walking. they give out strange noises one per step. the beds...the beds are the worst. everytime i sleep in the guest room of roni's house. evrydamn time i spend an uncomfrtable night dreaming of creaking noises. add to that effect the affect of horror movies like the red dragon which im watching now,or movie like the cell (*ing j.lo) which has abnoramlly abnormal scenes in it. i am happy after i finish with the nite.

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