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Saturday, August 07, 2004

bowdoin park

rama atta, ramesh mama, harsha,deepti and veena had come over during the weekend. it was fun spending time with them. we went for a picnic at the bowdoin park. it has a nice view of the hudson valley river. we all played frisbee for some time and then harsha and me played for some more time getting the art almost to perfection. we watched a couple of movies later that day . munna bhai mbbs and gothika. munna was funny while gothika was run of the mill.only thing abt gothika is it has linkin park's behind blue eyes as ost.
today i watched cody banks2. it was not a very good movie. though the heroine who must be 16-17 was a cameron diaz lookalike. she cud be baby spice also for all u know.
photo of hannah spearitt who plays emily in cb2

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