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Saturday, July 30, 2005


recently a lot of bloggers that i follow have written posts that say they havent posted in a some time and they are not going to apologize for it. i say sure. go ahead and do what u want. its ur blof after all.
in recent developments, ive started working as ecc secretary for the summer and fall. its not easy and its not as fun as avi food systems but its okay, lesser work than avi.
so when i was collecting mail for the bosses i hapenned to read an articel about blogging. a blogger, stuart berman, wrote "being in a profession that involves a lot of conceptual and symbolic work, there is somehting very satisfying about using your own hands to produce a tangible result". i thought it was appropriate ad liked it a lot. my sentiments are the same.
as frank stubbs says "you know it makes sense"

Saturday, July 23, 2005

google moon

those guys over at google are cool. allowing some part of ther time to go to personal projects always comes to cool effects that ppl do. think of being paid to do something new and interesting. so when they came up with google moon, i was laughing. it looked nice. i was expetcign them to do someting similar when they had the mars landding. maybe that's an idea for them. those guys are funny too. if you zoom in close enough, you'll see that the moon is made of cheese. ha ha. funny guys. it made my saturday morning and mind to blog about it.

Monday, July 18, 2005

harry potter and the half blood prince

one of the finest books ive ever read. its a monumnet to books. all the adjectives are less than what can be potrayed by this book. this would easily rival and beat the best of frederick forsyth. the plot , the way ppl read, the mania behind potter in the book and in reality, all are beautiful. in a very easy, uncomplicated way, jkr has eastiablished herself in the hearts of millions. look at the figures. "6.9 million in the us alone in 2 days are figures that cannot be ignored" assaid by the advert of a finance company. the last 150 pages are thrilling and are a class of their own. there is emotion, love, hatred, excitement, sadness, loyalty, betrayal. everything i expected and more.
i finished the book feeling sad for harry and the order. and the fact that there is one coming in only 2 years and none after that seem to be bring some more sadness to my heart.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

stages of arc

started out well...then things went kinda wild at the end

batman - 2 versions

jet ski

my own creation in paint