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Saturday, July 30, 2005


recently a lot of bloggers that i follow have written posts that say they havent posted in a some time and they are not going to apologize for it. i say sure. go ahead and do what u want. its ur blof after all.
in recent developments, ive started working as ecc secretary for the summer and fall. its not easy and its not as fun as avi food systems but its okay, lesser work than avi.
so when i was collecting mail for the bosses i hapenned to read an articel about blogging. a blogger, stuart berman, wrote "being in a profession that involves a lot of conceptual and symbolic work, there is somehting very satisfying about using your own hands to produce a tangible result". i thought it was appropriate ad liked it a lot. my sentiments are the same.
as frank stubbs says "you know it makes sense"


Stuart Berman said...

Thanks for the link - you must have seen the interview in Network World magazine.

I did indeed find some of the most fulfilling work to be work with my 'hands', I have farmed in Israel, served in the Infantry, and been a baggage handler (among other things) and each of these very physical jobs was very satisfying (but they didn't pay too well).

Sandeep Bhimavarapu said...

ha ha. here was this one person we met from canada during a conference(greg woods). he told his first and worst job was as a gas station attendant for 2.50$/hr. and there were ppl who drive away without paying. that got cut from his pay check.