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Monday, June 09, 2014

Bike Trip 7/30/2013

Motorola DVR troubleshooting

The DVR has been giving me problem by locking up and freezing the remote control codes. the picture itself would work fine so the channel looks like its running. but you cannot change channel, go to dvr or anything else. its like the buffer is frozen but the rest of the dvr works fine.
i called charter a couple of times without much success. the remote still work because the tv volume works. the restart had to be done multiple times each time the dvr freezes.

the technician came about and suggested that i increase the space between the dvr and top shelf. so i was able to move my xbox a little bit higher. the xbox doesnt get used as much and can afford to get a little less space. so the dvr has been working fine for 3 days straight. the freezing has gone away. so ill keep you updated about new happenings or if the problem comes back.