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Monday, July 18, 2005

harry potter and the half blood prince

one of the finest books ive ever read. its a monumnet to books. all the adjectives are less than what can be potrayed by this book. this would easily rival and beat the best of frederick forsyth. the plot , the way ppl read, the mania behind potter in the book and in reality, all are beautiful. in a very easy, uncomplicated way, jkr has eastiablished herself in the hearts of millions. look at the figures. "6.9 million in the us alone in 2 days are figures that cannot be ignored" assaid by the advert of a finance company. the last 150 pages are thrilling and are a class of their own. there is emotion, love, hatred, excitement, sadness, loyalty, betrayal. everything i expected and more.
i finished the book feeling sad for harry and the order. and the fact that there is one coming in only 2 years and none after that seem to be bring some more sadness to my heart.

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