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Monday, August 23, 2004

college..fall 2004

college starts tomorrow....or rather s already chatting with mom
i have to get my courses changed. i had to take an independent research under dr.heuring (thanks for the help, amy) coz dr.j wasnt in college on friday. now, today i have to hope dr j turns up and signs a form for me to add thesis and drop the research.
amy helped me alot. heck, she even knows my last name and email by heart by now.
vijay is my roomate. she shifted in today.
i watched patch adams yesterday. i had already seen it once long back. some scenes were hear rendering. i dont know what's hapenning. either i'm watching good movies and enjoying all of them OR im beginnign to like verey movie i see without any like or taste.
and all the books too. they have kinda bland now. i wud enjoy a book otherwise.but now all the books also seem to have the same principle. and there is no differnece. maybe i shud read stuff liek ayn rand and stop all the thrillers/suspense/spy/regular kind of novles genre.
and with toast to that thought...signing off

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