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Sunday, August 08, 2004


this is the acknowledgement from vince flynn's third option. it is very nice.
it is extremely gratufying to make a living doing somehting that you is even more so when you are surrounded by ppl you like, trust and respect. thank you for making me so happy.

the prelude also is worth wirintg abt here:
avr americans are too busy living their lives to look beyond the headlines and wonder what secrest these ppl may have taken to their graves. among those in teh know eyebrows may have raised and aeven a few question asked, but ultimately a bling eye is turned and life goes on. to seek answersfro mthisdark community is a very dangerous thing. it is the world of covertoperations, a very real but unseen part of teh govt's foreign and sometimes domestic polic. it is bigger than any one person. it is the t3rd option and it is one that is not always used by wise adn honorable men.

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