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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

hookin' up ^

Today's the first day of my internship. i met all the ppl in the company and filled out a tonn of paperwork for the 2 month period. i was asked to sit down temporarily at a desk in the technical dept. as it turned out that had become my place. its nice. a big work table.. with 3 ibm think centre as my cpu .i havent got connected to the net yet..but cud use the oppsoite comp to chek mai ladn stuff. by tomm i shud have the net up and running..a bit tired bcoz of all the travel.. dont laugh yet... i had to finish usb port enuf for vince to take over...go to indianapolis for the gp in a car that was working suspiciously and drive back(poor murali:doing the driving)..and then to top it off leave the immediate evening for poughkeepsie,ny via amtrak(train services) at 1:00 am. get stuck at albany for 3 hours since the connecting train gets cancelled. and finally reach here..that was enuf for me..though i need to plan later for how to get back to toledo in 2 months..i got some time though i'll take time..

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