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Friday, June 18, 2004

mon mustachios

this might be an insignificant blog for the most of the people. but for me as a andhra - telugu - traditional upbringing guy , this is a big and significant step. also this blog is about the date mentioned above but actually has been blogged on a later date with updates.
i today wilfully and knowingly shaved off my moustache. il looked weird for the day. i shaved once before when i got my whole head shaved. but that was religious and i don't think that counts considering i had less hair on my head than above my lip. so how does the look go?
i hate it . i think i look dumb and kind of like a ruffian without brains.
latest update: i now dont think the above statement has any sense. itotally retract that statament. though the lack of brains cannot be completely disregarded. this has been my best look in all of my life(13th july 2004)
apart from the look the reaction from ppl hasnt been too bad.sure they thought i look bad and funny. but the guys with whom i went on the race have accepted the look and reached a comprimise with their brains not consdering me as someone they know.
oldest update: ramam and family dont think i look half as bad as i thought.i'm beginnign to beleive i can actually pull this off.(23 rd june2004)
update between the above two updates: tak9ing me as inspiration (or probably not), rohit my dearest brother has also shaved his moustche off. im sure he look like dc(david coulthard )with that huge fore head of his. he's already been compared to a few other ppl he tells me. yes, i spoke to family back home today.that's where i got this info(11th july 04)

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