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Friday, January 14, 2005

return to the us

i have spent the last one month in india. i have thoroughly enjoyed all the sights and sounds of india. all the thrill and frill. i will be returning back by the next week and shud be in full wing back into my fgpa work. i am very sad abt this (leaving india - missing people here) but i have to do it. i can choose. but i am not shah rukh khan in swades. i cant afford to build a bulb and be happy. i need to prove more stuff before i can become a hero.
in other news, i bought a 2 piece suit here at life style. i shud pick it up from altering by tomm.
as for the excuse as to why my blogging and website dev has reduced, i think i have as good excuse as any. im in india and the primary audience for the blog is here, although i have heard good stuff being said about it always.
yeh jo des hai mera swades hain mera (this is the country i call home - roughly translated)

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