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Sunday, May 15, 2005

how to remove the ie icon from the desktop?

alternate question:
-how to remove the Internet Explorer icon from the desktop?
-how to remove the unused icons from the desktop?
-how to unclutter the desktop?
-windows xp home/professional(tested)
-windows 98(untested)
-windows 2000(untested)

1. right click an empty area on the desktop.
2. click on properties
(2.5. wait for the box to open up..twiddle you with your
toes...if you can do both then you need an updated
shudn't take that long)
3. click on the Desktop tab at the top of the box
4. click on the Customize Desktop button at the bottom of the box
5. another box should open up
6. you should see an area that has a bunch of check boxes. a couple of
them should be ticked and few unticked.
7. here you can choose which default icons you want on the desktop.
-tick means stay on desktop
-no tick means remove from desktop
i personally like my computer and the my documents icon on the
desktop. no IE and Network Places.
8. you can also change the icons used by windows for these default icons here.
9. click on apply to see the changes immediately
10. click on ok for the desktop items box
11. click on ok in the display properties box.
voila! you're done!

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