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Monday, October 03, 2005


Life rolls on without much to write about.
we played and won the cricket tournament held by isco. I think this was by far the longest tournament held by isco. It went on for 4 weekends: prelims, semis, replayed semis(due to rain) and finals. The finals was bit of an easy match. The semis was awesome. We won thanks to some good-last-over-batting by rahul. It was close. 1 ball 1 run to get to win. We had already tied. We dint want 3 tosses to decide the match as isco had previously announced. So then into finals. We expected a better display of bowling from the opposition. But they dint do much in bowling. We were bored by the time we ended the match. I dint even do much in the finals. semis I think I got 2-3 run outs..

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