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Sunday, August 16, 2009

picture of dorian gray

I finished reading this book. very interesting. style of writing is very detailed. every scene is describe din detail 
i am surprised that i found it hard to finish. the book is very interesting but i think my capability to read classics such as this has been lost. its been lost in all those thriller books which cant wait to jump from one action scene to another.i love the story, i hated the stykle of reading. 
i guess im finding hard to read books which are not direct to a point. books that describe a everyday scene. i look for purpose  and direction in every statement made. i feel the lack of efficiency disturbing.
my point is i shouldnt. i should be able to read these so called classics. i used to like them
i am going to try to read more classics in order to bring the ability ive lost. more oscar wilde, more leo tolstoy, more shakespeare if necessary.
this does not mean i will read this even if find this painful. i am trying to reassociate the noggin to respond to more pre1900's style of writing. it will be an effort for some limited time

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