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Friday, April 16, 2010

Access Point Setup: Motorola / Symbol AP 5131

i spent an afternoon trying to setup this access point. after a few frustrating hours i succeeded and wanted to make sure other people don't have the same problems.
the AP LAN is run by power over Ethernet (PoE). i was using a linksys router to route the ip address for the web interface config tool. thats doesnt work. the dhcp for some reason (for the lan option of the AP) doesnt show up in the clients list.
Instead, setup PoE and then use the LAN on your client to "use the following ip adrress" to with subnet Connect the ethernet cable to your laptop and the other end to the WAN of the AP. The default ip address for the java based web interface is with subnet use IE to login.
that should be straight forward from now on.

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