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Thursday, October 21, 2004

naa autograph

after a long time i have seen a movie in telugu which seems to make sense and isnt bad. the movie, is of course already in tamil, stars ravi teja and few other actresses. it is basically a story of a person and the memories he has with all these ppl (mostly women ) and how they always seem to get away from him. he however turns out to be for the better thru the experience. iknow only bhoomika in that movie. the others i have nevere seen though they have a quality that makes u turn back once more just to look at the face. not beautiful. bhoomika looks good. but he other two have a look on their face that has been well put up.well done director dude.
a smile on the face coz today we also got the usb core finally on the fpga to has sent us the info. the lock singal was giving us trouble. thankfully we were saved a lot of trouble by not needing to go through the process of simulation in the core.

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