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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

smoke all you can

keeping up with the tradiotion of travelling in the long weekends, we bewaarz, went to the smoky mountains in north carolina/tenessee.
we went to a lot of places. there were 9 of us. 2 cars . we dorve 550 miles each way
highlights of the trip:
  • we met anjani on the way back thru lexington,ky
  • we got to spend quailty time together and know each other more closely than we wanted probably.
  • the lost sea (an underground cave of water abt 4.5 acres in size)intriguing
  • ripley's acquarium where we saw fish of evry kind and even got to topuch some of them.
  • the drive itself was a frenzy of excitement and anticipation
  • me and srikanth have only temp's ( so sailu and vinay had to be with us all the time)
  • vinay ran into the door of sailu's car while parking.ramki opened the door while vinay was of those freaky accidents. luckily we were completely covered thru enterprise
  • we took almostr 700 photos. of which i have to go thru and sort and edit and filter etc etc before i can post them.

bewaarz consists of: me, chintu, vinay, sailu, srikanth, surendra, ramki,tilalk, ananth,midhun and inthe future anjani. of these surendra and anjani dint ocme with us. suren coz he was visiting friends in NH and anjnai coz he's in KY busy with we visited him instead.

on the whole the trip was a success of sorts like every trip i undertake.

the mountains were amazing to look at. apart from the above stuff we also went hiking , camped in tents , eat from a grill(felafel-veggies and chicken-non-veggeis), dint take bath for 4 days as there are no facilities there.and a lot of stuff like that

update: i have put up the photos using banana album at

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