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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

India - swades - ar rahman

I'm in India. a little delayed. a little tired. a little jet-lagged. but in one whole and hearty piece. it is a great feeling to visit your home town, state,country after a period of time. the anticipation surrounding seeing your loved ones far overpowers the mental abiltiy to stay focused on the work at hand during the last 15 days.
on another note, i have been listening to swades here almost twice a day. i am scheduled to see this movie on the saturday at sangeet. the songs are amazing. a point that needs not be noted as it is ar rahman.
ar rahman
the aura surrounding this great personality is covered by the humility that he shows. his smile stands out as the first thing you notice. we are indeed fortunate to be an audience to his ever so popular music. i am still proud that he is an indian. i hope the world recognizes the genius and gets to enjoy the man and his music.

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