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Thursday, December 09, 2004


the dps video that has been covered on the news. it makes me kinda sad. the media hype around the incident and the school kis..i repeat kids doing such acts of unwiseness. i always beleieved we(indians) had a sense of ethics while we live in our lives. tell me how different is this from the paris hilton video. this kind of thing is humiliating to the indian public. more shame on the media to have covered such stuff. ndtv has instantly lost a lot of points on thier ethics rating. call me biased, but i think nothing justifies this coverage.not by indiatimes, not by ndtv , not by any other source that has done this, ill have to check what "the hindu" had to say about this. i felt guilty personally when i saw it. i wonder how the parents must feel and not to mention the guilty party themselves.
in better news, suri has left for india by the time i finsh writing this. i have another 5 days to go. i am living on the anticipation. thanks to joe for the drive to the airport(twice in our case).
the irony of life looms large on the spirit of the this what life is about: the rollercoaster. we surely have some serious thrill issues to be doing this.(riding the coaster)

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