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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

dell status window details

from the dell website

1. Order Processing

Your order is first processed for release to the manufacturing floor. Release is generally dependent upon approval of your designated form of payment. Once payment is confirmed, your order will be released for production.

2. Pre-Production

Pre-Production time varies based on the system ordered and is depended largely on the availability of parts. An estimated "lead time" reflecting the anticipated time it will take to get parts on hand and build your order should have been communicated to you at the time of order confirmation. Order confirmation may have been provided over the phone by your sales representative, or via email for electronic orders.

3. In Production

Changes to your order at this time will require your existing order to be cancelled and a new order to be placed resulting in possible delays to your estimated ship date. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Kitting - When a system order is released to manufacturing, the material availability is confirmed and all parts needed to complete the system are placed into a tote. The completed tote is mated with the systems chassis, placed on a conveyor which takes it through to build.

Build - An assembly team takes the tote and assembles those parts in a system. This team is responsible for the entire build of the system which promotes accountability for quality and pride of ownership. The system then goes through testing.

Testing - Systems are received into testing for Dell designed diagnostic testing and software download. This includes 200+ titles available in Dell's software library, as well as proprietary and commercial packages, as requested by DellPlus Customers. Upon successful completion of Testing, the system moves to the boxing phase.

Boxing - Completed systems are placed in boxes along with the mouse, keyboard, power cords, documentation and manuals as requested by the customer. Once the Boxing is complete, the system box is sealed and placed on the appropriate truck for shipment to our customer.

4. Shipping Preparation

Shipping prep is normally completed within one day of the date production is complete. However, larger orders and orders requiring special handling may take longer.

5. Shipped

Delivery time varies based on the shipping option chosen at the time of order entry. Your order will generally reach its intended destination within 1-5 business days of the "Ship Date" noted.


Anonymous said...

wow how cool .. you copied and pasted text off of dell's webpage. You're too cool for school!

quest49 said...

ah..but i put it right below the title that i got this from dell