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Saturday, March 26, 2005


the laptop is in shipping. as of now it has reached the beautiful state of new york.(every state seems beautiful now -- even ohio). i am thinking of getting it redirected to me on monday, as then, roni mama doesnt have to ship it to me again. lets see how that works out. ups is very efficient. they have updates in status every time the package changes transit location. so i followed the package from nashville ,tn (probably thats where dell has its plant) to nj to ny now and soon into nesconset.


hay said...

Dude, what a coincidence! I ordered the Inspiron 6000d too but with the 2.0 Ghz Pentium M processor. Mine will arrive monday. Hey, do you think the x300 can handle up-to-date games such as doom3, Far cry, or Half-life2?

Sandeep Bhimavarapu said...

im not sure. ive not read the best reviews abt the x300. im sure they'll run ok in the medium graphics mode. but this laptop isnt gamer's heaven. i might even return it for a btter one (xps2 maybe),if the graphics are too much of a problem.anyways check this site out ,

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me agian.

The Inspiron 6000d has the new
PCI-e thing for the graphics slot. With it, you can upgrade the graphics cards in laptops. If the x300 isn't good enough for both you and I, we can upgrade it later on...or get the 17in. XPS2.

Sandeep Bhimavarapu said...

thats not a bad idea...adding another graphics card...but ive heard that there aren't many of those cards in market yet as its some kind of test graphics card. theyre waiting for it to click. if it does then we have no problem,in fact then we'd have the best system to have currently as only the 6000d supports that type of card...anyways we'll see...when ru getting urs.. i shud have mine by tomm...chow

Anonymous said...'s me again,

Mine arrived yesterday and it looks awesome! The bundled software wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The screen looks way better in person. I haven't tested the graphics...but I'll get to that. I also heard of the x800 being a pci-e graphics card. So we could upgrade to that if the x300 dosen't have enough power. Anyway, good luck with your laptop and I hope no problems came with your system.

Sandeep Bhimavarapu said... waiting on mine coming today. its out for delivery the status says. i cant wait on mine now. unfortunately i have to work today so i cant pick it up till evening. anyways ill try convince my boss to let me go home early. yeah..the graphics ..we've talked a lot abt it already....hey gimme ur email or blogspot address or something so i can keep in touch..nice talking to u...bye

Anonymous said...

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