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Saturday, April 30, 2005

arjun atwal

arjun atwal is an indian golfer who is realtively unknown. he was placed 134th on the money list last year. he said hardly any ppl know him since he doesnt get much exposure with the cricket thing going on and all. i hate ppl who complain that htye dont get enuf exposure bcoz of cricket. v anand gets exposure coz he's good. i think he still bickers though. all the hockey ppl do it too. live it up ppl. u got the chance to play for ur country . that is an honor enough to die for. i know im hardly in a position to tell, but thats what i think.
anyways congrats to arjun, he's oviosuly doing well to put himself inthe news and hope he does all the best. ill have one more person to cheer for. kartikeyan. paes. anand. now arjun.
he's leading a tournament right now. lets hope he wins.

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