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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

da vinci code

The Da Vinci Code

I have read another book after a very long time. I believe it’s almost been 6 months since I’ve read a book earnestly. Da Vinci code is definitely worth a read. If you want to really get into the deeper meaning and Christianity it is worth a second or a third read. By continuing reading you re bound to know the story. so I warn you do not read ahead if u plan to read the book at some point of time

The book itself is very predictable. Accepted, the story dealing, the cryptography and the ideas presented and interpreted are very fascinating. But it is not a Frederick Forsyth. It does not explain the echelons of power. it presumes a lot of things and the reader is left guessing all the unknown or unexplained plots. It’s more like a Sidney Sheldon plus the Leonardo Da Vinci codes plus the secrets of the Christ.

Would make an excellent movie.

The plot features a guy and a girl who are forced into meeting each other through a murder. The murdered is the grandfather of the girl and happens to be the curator of the “La Louvre” (one of the most prestigious museums in the world). We find thru the course of the book that the murdered is of great importance. He is part of the secret society of the priory.

The holy grail is considered as the Chalice(cup) from which Jesus Christ last drank from. It is a very holy monument. The members of the society are to keep a secret that Jesus Christ had a wife and then late child. The wife is said to be Mary Magdalene( the alleged prostitute). This is kept secret by the society and the church does want this secret out as it could ruin the faith of the Christian public.

When the grandmaster of the society gets murdered, a sequence of events gets into motion. The main villain sets up the guy and the gal to find the secrets for him. All this is hackneyed through history and in so many movies. So all this is very boring.

The interesting part is the codes that Leonardo da vinci designed through history. It is fun to see the members of the society include Isaac Newton, Leo Da Vinci, Robert Boyle and the curator himself. The paintings of leo da vinci and their peculiarities are very significant. We find out about the vitruvian man, the mona lisa, the last supper and his other works. Their hidden meanings etc.
For the rest of the story you will have to read the book

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