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Friday, May 28, 2004

the hannibal

it took me exactly 1.5 days to finish this one. "the hannibal" . contrary to what my friend surendra was saying, the hannibal is the next part of the comes after the silence of the lambs. so i have read the books in the order that they are supposed to be read. now it will be interesting to watch the movie. this is a current fad with me. read the book and then watch the movie. i have done several pairs liek that since ive come here to toledo. the godfather(all parts and book), sveral of mr michael crichton books and movies etc.

well coming back to dr lecter hannibal: this is about dr lecter completely. silence ofthe lambs shows that lecter is instrumental in the capture of buffalo bill. here the theme is capture of the hannibal the cannibal. the scene is set for 7 years after the escape and setting of the "silence...lambs". there is this one rich guy who was a victim of the hannibal who had survived.this guy was fed to the dogs. the dogs bit off his face and most of his body.mason. he has a sister called margot who is a lesbian and takes hormones to become a man.her fiancee is judy. clarice starling is setup in a way in a shooting that makess her look bad. she has to shoot a woman who's holding a baby. the baby's safe but clarice take blame.
so the scene is set. dr lecter instigates the follow up in himself once clarice is defamed. he sends her stuff and brings the heat upon himself. the italian police is in trouble as they realsie that lecter is in a place called florence in italy. dr lecter gets appointed as the curator to a museum. mason sets him up and gives a few sardinians the contract to get lecter fed to the pigs.mason is the leader for the pig industry. dr lecter somehow finds out from the plice officer who is upposed to catch and point him to the sardinians. lecter cuts him up and escapes.
he then travels to detroit and escapes the officials form noticing him. and so lecter is back on the land where he has killed so many ppl. mason realises that lectre might contact starling since she is the object of deisre of lecter. he plants an article in the enwspaper suggesting that clarice may have helped lecter escape. and so clarice is ssupended from duty. asclarice's bday approches mason is sure that lecter is going to gift her something personally. this turns out to be true . but mason's men are ready and they capture lecter. they take him to mason's farm for the pig-eating-man-alive ritual. clarice sees the sardianinas capture lecter and goes after them on her own. shes finds them ready to feed lecter to the pigs. she intervenes and frees lecter but gets shot. lecter takes her and escpes. most of the sardinians are killed. the one left is paid by margot to leave usa forever. he does so. she then kills mason after extarcting semen to impregant judy for thier baby. and they live happily ever after with the money. lecter and clarice become a pair and they with each other as more of a father -daughter relationship. they keep escpaing the law always and are seen in brazil also. here i find the story denegrating. the end is not as expected nor as exciting. the end few chapters taper down to a boring and dull finish. a few chazracters like barney, krendler for silence of the lambs make a reappearnce. leaves a disppointment at the end. :(
while searching for the hannibal inks, found this very picture..i am goinna just putit up here.

and also the link to the place go .

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