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Sunday, May 23, 2004

là où les aigles osent

i finished reading the book "where eagles dare" today. its a nice book about ww2 times. there is a subtle plot undergoing within the main plot. it is the age of double crossing and some treble crossing also. a brief desciption of things ahppening in the book along with the setting. its a typical alistair maclean(i though his name was mclean).
abt the book:

a team of british commandoes(along with 1 american) parachute into the high peaks of the austrian alps in the depths of winter. their mission: steal into a seemingly impreganble alpine castle - hq of the gestapo - and rescue a captured american general before he reveals the allies plans for the invasion of europe. but almost nothing is as itseems in alistair maclean's compulsively readable tale of special forces, black ops, and unpredictable allainces. where eagle dare - more timely than ever - is one of the greatest spy thrillers of the past half century.
main character: john smith(schmidt)
his heroine:mary austen
side kick: schaffer(american)
his gf: heidi(cutely described)
more abt heidi:( iliked the way maclean descibes her);read on:
one of them approaching caught smith's eye. it wud be surprising if she hadn't. it wud have been surprising if she dint catch the attention of everyman there. but there was no surprise. she did.she wud have won any miss europe contest hands down if she had had a face other than her own which though pleasant and plump, was rather plain. but any possible lack of attraction in that cheerfully smiling face was more than compensated for elsewhere. she was dressed in a gaily patterned dirndl and tyrolean blouse, has a hand span waist, an hour and a half glass figure and on obvious prediliction for low cut blouses that, in terms of attracting local custom, must have been worth a fortune to the gigantic proprietor behind the bar. she drew a gr8 deal of attention from the assembly soldiery, not all of it consisting of admiring glances: if she wasnt wearing armour plating, smith reflected, she must be permanantly blue and black. she approached smith, brushed back her blonde hair and smiled the gesture as provocative as the smile...
"can i help you,sir"
"dark beer,please" smith saif politely."six".
"with pleasure,sir" .again the provocative smile this time accomapnied by a half appraisal ,half lingering look from cornflower blue eyes, the nshe turned and walked away, if her method of locomotion could striclty be descibed as walking. schaffer, a slightly dazed expression on his face, stared after , then caught smith by the arm.
"now i know why i left montana, boss". his voice held somthing of the dazed quality on his face." it wasnt bcoz of the horses after all".

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