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Monday, May 17, 2004

Silence des Agneaux

Today I think I finally completed "Silence of the Lambs". by Thomas harris -- also made into major feature film. I've seen the movie before so the plot was kinda known to me, but it was interesting none the less.
clarice Starling is a to-be fed agent in fbi school. her mentor to be ,a guy whose abt to lose his wife, takes clarice under him. he gives her some work to do. i.e talk to dr hannibal lecter. this lecter guy is a notorious serial killer.
hes a psychiatrist whos killed his patients or has mended his patients into killing some one for him. he believes that killing someone is the best way to get rid of his problem"permanently put into peace"..i think is the way he puts it himslef.
now that was the background info. there is a serial killer on the loose. hes killing young women who are large in size. clarice goes into the investigation herself and gets clues into the case through lecter's thoughful thoughts. the villain mr jame(s) gumb is a guy who believes hes a travestite , but has been rejected by 3 different sex-change hospitals. hes basically making a suit for himself by skiinig nhis victims.
the hullaboo is raised by media when the daughter of a senator gets kidnapped. the senator offers to free lecter int oa lesser restictive environment in ecahnge for the name and identity of the killer.
clarice has been doing something of the same,but shes been exchanging info abt gumb for details of her personal life. her childhood..her being orpahaned... her living in a farm where horses and lambs are slaughtered.... her running away with a horse coz it was gonna be killed..etc
the silence of hte lambs comes from this context as in the she felt peace after getting gumb thru various clues as repercussion for the bleating of the lambs in her sleep. only when the killer has been captured clarice gets a peaceful sleep without waking up to the lambs screaming. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.
there is also a connection about a insect of some kind

it shuid be interesting to read the sequel or prequel to this book -- hannibal and red dragon...i think im gonna borrow those later.
on the whole, like every other book , i was thoroughly impressed by this one too. the detial is formidable, the language impeccable... although requiring a second reading sometimes.. it took me a while to complete this one ...not coz of my speed but various other things cropping up. like submisisions blah blah
i coud complete a few pages at a was like th ecase of reading the end and forgeting the beginning. dr hannibal lecter is a character that wont be forgotten easily. one more news: lecter escapes !! he outthinks the guards and runs away from his interim prison...
another adventure completed...with lamb chops..

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