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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

rolla costa

in a trip to the six flags great America park in Chicago, i accidentally dropped the phone out of a ride. the ride's called superman and it straps the body onto the chair including legs so you are parallel to the ground as you take off.

in the build up to a 360, the phone got dislodged from my pocket and dropped off. me, parik and mani in one row and the archita, dave, anush and khagen in the second row could all see it fall off. i did not realize what it was until a second instant and then it was beautiful to watch fall. my heart was in my mouth from fear of losing the phone but the sight was wonderful. everything slowed down, and we could see the phone roll over and turn in the air as it was about to hit the ground. that was when i lost sight of it.

for four days of painful waiting i did not know whether it was lost or found, in one piece or seven. today i got it back. there are a few cracks at the bottom side, but otherwise the phone look intact. i am going to write a thank ou note to the security staff who retrieved it and mailed it back safe. it would be awful if the phone survived the ride and broke in the mail system.
the ride stats:

Superman: Ultimate Flight by the numbers

Height Restrictions
min. 54"
Ride Category
Thrill (More like this)
Flash Pass
Spring 2003
115 feet
Top Speed
60 mph
More than 3 minutes
28 riders
Bolliger & Mabillard

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