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Sunday, September 05, 2004


i saw the movie 'arjun' in the novi center in detroit suburbs. it was a lousy movie save for a few jokes scattered around. the humour was also provided by the villain. people were actally laughing at the hero for his superhuman ability to fly-kick more than 3 people at once. the cinema could have been bearable if the fight sequences were more realistic. this is supposed to be one of telugu cinemas' most awaited movies of the year and a lot has been spent on the making.this is the state of tollywood. while movies like yuva are being conceived in tamil we are lagging behind in originality.
i think actually they built a temple for the movie. it is a replica of the madurai temple. so the ppl living around atleast now have a temple. what saving grace!
mahesh babu was as usual the guy with a girl's voice. the heroine supposed to be wasnt in the movie for more than a dozen minutes. the hero's sister was played by keerthi reddy. she did a better job.
the best actor in this movie is prakash raj. he plays the villain.prakash raj is the best man around telugu cinema. he is more movies than i have ever seen in the recent times. he plays the father or brother or villain in every alternate movie.
thoughout the movie the hero's name is never said except at the end when he announces his name.if it was supposed to have saved the movie from the fallacies it has commited earlier, it fails miserably.
so much for arjun.
while tamil movies are bad and lousy, at least their industry is making a conscious effort to make better and original movies. our industry is lacking the very basic essence of a original movie. even the so called hits like 'manmadhudu' have some sequences lifted off from the 'holly' or 'bolly' woods.
enough bad-mouthing for today.
in other news, i have decided to make a list of the movies i have seen through the recent years and those i can remember. i am contemplating as to how i should divide those categories
1. language-wise: english , telugu, tamil, hindi
2. genre: action, drama, telugu (ha, ha: now u see my state of mind abt telugu movies)
3. date-wise: as per the year i have seen
4. list: just a long list with no distinction.

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