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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


the last week hasnt seem much activity in me. just regular stuff. we played a cricket match during the weekend. the isco tournament. we lost big time. i picked up two wickets and i think chintu also picked up a wicket. i was the man left not out. but i had scored 6 till then. i am still, proud of that achievement. maybe thinking back i should have opened or come one down. nobody wanted to stay. it was easy hitting coz they gave us huge gaps in the field to exploit. i felt like how rahul dravid feels.wag the tail and eat the snail.
i am planning an india trip in december. i started looking late so i dont know if i got the best deal. but i think i got the best deal now.currently.1500$ for a trip from Detroit to hyd and back on emirates with a stop-over at dubai while returning doesnt seem too bad. i know ppl who have bought it for a higher price and ppl who have bought it for a lower price but with a lower airline. this flight wont have any long delays and waiting at any place.not much at least. hopefully everything passes off cool. i book tickets this afternoon. "tickets" meaning anjani is also coming. i almost persuaded chintu in to coming, but he changed his mind last night.

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