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Thursday, September 09, 2004

non~book time

its been some time since ive written abt a book. two reasons. 1. i havent had much time to read books and write the review.2. i have been reading ayn rand's atlas shrugged. so it will take some time to finsih it. i have read it before so its not a surprise to my brain but it still revolutionizes thinking. ali hasnt read it yet and i recommended it to him just for the sake of reading somehting unconventional. i also ordered foutnain head form ohiolink for further 'ayn rand'-ing.
i will be going to pittsburg for the weekend. it shud be nice to see what i have been talking abt for some time. we'll be going to the temples there and also the city if possible. they have a good downtown and it shud be fun just walking there. i'll take a lof of photos i promise, if i can still hang onto mihir's digicam. also apologies to thise who are waiting for the cedar point photos. i think ill go to mihir's house and collect it from him(the cable).
in other very pleasant news, i received my cd from from cdwarehouse. the cd copsts only 2.99 and the shipping costed me around 2$. so i got the title ive craving for more than 5 years has been worth the wait. though im kinda disppointed. but i think the disappoinment is from all the anticipation, kind of. i expected this disappointment before i even ordered the cd.

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