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Monday, September 13, 2004

third twin

third twin...a story by ken follet..i like the earthquake book of his better...where a guy tries to simulate earthquakes in florida. this one is abt gentics and clones. how a guy is cloned and he has different look-alike brothers(8 of them) each of whom is different in character. from faultless guys to majot murderers. the story dragged on a little. i stopped atlas shrugged so that i can finish and return fountainhead.
fountainhead also seems boring once you know the thing abt ayn rand and her style of wrting. sure the story is different and myabe it keeps u glued to it. but that is true of every book i read. this one disappointed me since i was so looking forward to this. it is in the same style as atlas shrugged.i repeat this point to stress on it. i havent finshed it yet, but hopefully it ends better than it starts.

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