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Saturday, September 11, 2004

pawan kalyan down! down!

to make a mistake once is forgivable. to make it twice is unforgivable. i made the mistake of going to a telugu movie without reading reviews and listening to friends again. this one was by pawan kalyan(though he got someone else's name on the director title). there is no doubt abt it. i thought i cudnt give a more scathing review to a movie after last week's debacle "arjun". but i have to exceed my extremes and still fall short of this movie's crude level. there was a barely bearable 40 minutesin bewtween which had comic relief for the audince. that part was by the villain and his uncle.
there is no story. if there is one, it is hidden by so many things that watching citizen kane again would make more sense.
but what can i do. i have to call telugu my mother tongue and i'm proud of it. make no mistake. but to call telugu movies my own, from my own, for my own, by own ppl is not very pride-giving. i am embarassed to say so. but its the truth. this is what olga once told me abt telugu movies: "i heard that telugu movies are cheesy." true for all the post 90's movies.
even the most hard-core fans of pawan kalyan will/have not forgive this mistake. again calling it a mistake is an understatement of the infinite magnitude.
next day we left for pittsburg.

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