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Monday, September 13, 2004

balaji...pittsburg balaji!

this trip was the simple reason that i wanted to tick pittburg off my checklist of places seen and visited. its a nice city. the downtown is clean and mug-free. the crowd is friendly and the day we went (sept 11) , there was a festival of some kind going on. the temples are a little away from the city itself. the sv temple is at pitt hills abt 40 min away from the city and the sai baba temple is another 20 min from this temple. the food was ok. nohting least on that day. the crowd was not huge either. considering its a saturday.
going to a temple and getting archana done makes you recall the things like gothram etc. i was in a fix reg that. mom used to say "kucchusa". thatha had once said "kutchusa", i think. i seem to have mixed both and said a mumble-jumble like "kutcchusa". also i dint know my nakshatram(birth-star). though i vaguely recall mine being something prominent, maybe "alpha-centauri" though in telugu.(just a joke).
there were 5 of us. me,chintu, saily and midhun. and one frinds of rahul's called pradeep. the drive was abt 4 hrs. i shudve gotten my license done by now. poor sailu had to drive all the way.
eventless trip but not boring. the one thing kind of bother was money in cash. we ran out of cash and though we all had credit cards, none of the rest on the way wud accept that. so we were planning on drawing some from the atm when i realised that i had a 100$ from the time i had brought it to the us. from the india. we used that. no point getting charged at the atm for non-local bank usage.

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