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Monday, July 26, 2004


i spent the weekend at roni's palce. abha is in india, so it was just the 4 of us. we spent sat lazning around and sunday we did alittle work on the front yard. the part of the yard near the drive way had a lot of weeds. roni use weedkiller to kill those a week back. we pulled out the weeds and then put grass seeds in and then top soil. i learnt a lot abt landscaping.
we went out to a mexican restuarant for dinner.i had the chili cheese releno(i think!). it was heavy and i am burping and belching today thru out.
roni dropped me at office directly in the morning was a 3-3.5 hr drive. he will be one tired uncle after sleeping at 3 and getting up at 5 and playing golf the whole evening today with his office pals. atleast for that sake i hope his ranking improves. he missed a couple of rounds in between when he was in india, so he dropped from 2 to 5.

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