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Sunday, July 25, 2004

le grand vol de train

"the gr8 train robbery"
i finished reading this book on the subway ride to ny city. ppl were looking strangely at me. i dint realise why till i looked at the cover of the book. it was just coiinceidence that i was reading a train robbery book on a train. no wonder they were a little aghast.
this is one of the best michael crichton's i've ever read. it has absolute best last chapter. it is like lotr. the last chapter is worth the whole book. in this chapter the master criminal explains the way he carries out the robbery. and he also tells the whole world that he is about to escape and does so. it must've made a good movie. i am hoping to see it in the next few months.
the plot is to rob the train containgin 12000 £ .the key is to obtain 4 keys put at diff places. the objective is attained with great precision and care. the way obtained is also explained in great detail. the book makes a nice reading.i enjoyed it thoroughly.the master criminal in this, we can draw a parallel from sherlock holmes. though in a negative connotation.
i must've made quite an impression on the train while reading the last chapter.

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