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Saturday, July 17, 2004


always a lover of information,i am really happy when the advent of news has come tothe forefront. it is really pleasant to see the likes of google giving importance to news. they have used their search capabilities to good effect.( or is it affect?). they google news is dependant on that the most popular news that is being read through the globe is posted ont he site. that does mean that the posts are themost popular and not always the most sensible. the avd is that i get to read what the online-world thinks is important.
another source that has appeared through these conquests(mine) of info is the site its a chinese site so the content is in u'll have to know chinese to read it .ok im just kiddin' they do have a anglais version also. its a site where you get the most unexpected news. so good some bad.but definately something you wont expect.from chinese site atleast. hey im not against chinku's, but you dont expect news about indian polit5ics on the macro level speculation in that site.
well u have to have them all to make the web.

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