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Saturday, July 17, 2004

partie deux d'homme d'araignée

the highlight of this day is as the title mite conceive spiderman II.
the movie was all i expected, in a good way. yet it disappointed me. the movie lacked that killer punch. the movie had some gud dialogues i wud like to post on the blog.maybe when i get the video. the movie was along the lines of the narration. the start was (titles) was great. they showed the movie spiderman in a cartoonish way. the drawings were great and the upside down kiss (spidey and mjw) - the cartoon version still lingers in the brain. the dress color mjw was wearing is what is striking.
spidey is the loser dude. a lot of sympathy is being created or the driector was trying to create this. then he gives up the show.he's fed up with all.they actiually show him losing his powers. through the movie the villain docock is shown . he's nice guy turned bad turned gud at the end. spidey learns thru aunt and mjw and others that spidey is what is needed. surprisingly peter parker is revealed as spidey. does that warrant a spidey 3. never know. maybe so. at the end doc ock and spidey save the day together. peter ends up with mjw anyways though she's suppsoed to marry an astronaut.surprisingly the freind osbourne is shown with the green goblin outfit.he not wearing it but u read it first here if u see him as the goblin in the sequel.
ppl rate this better than the 1st. well,they are diff in a sense, though i wud rate the 1st better. i like cartoon heroes as the previos post's point. dont misinterpret me. the movie is worth a watch defintely or more than a watch. ill probably end up with the div-x anyways.

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