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Monday, July 12, 2004

homme d'araignée

yesterday nite, i hooked up(to the net) and checked out the trailers and clippings from spiderman2. i have always been a fan of comics. and iam happy they are creating a sensation again. i do wish superman comes back as well and the others.batman..and they shud be more professional like the spidey series. peter parker(tobey) has been showing up a lot more now, for movie publicity most liekly. he's confirmed he will be making spidey3 with kirsten dunst. it shud start shuting early 2005.meanwhile i cant wait to see this of the stunts was terrific. the one on the clock tower.if u'veseen the movie u will appreciate having esp already sense it to be the best scene of the movie,unless there's more of "less-clothed" dunst.

On the books scene: i am reading "prey" by crichton.ive read it bfore and rate it average. ill write the review when im done reading it. this weekend was mostly @ home. i spoke to roni m who had gone to india. vijaya a is coming on wednesday.she stayed back to see chintu. chintu is shooting a movie in ladakh,mom tells me. he's going places. iwont be surprised if he starts directing on his own. he reminds me of vikram(columbia) ,sudha a relative, now working for the un. when i worte to him in fall break asking him if he had holdays. he replied,we dont have fall break at the u.n. funny guy(in a gud sense).

one awesome looking blog showed up recently...
its like a console terminal..definately worth cheking out.

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