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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

l'homme terminal

fool that i was. i sat down to write this blog when i looked down memory lane to see when i first wrote my 1st blog. fool that i was..april fool's day...more significantly it was also the day google launches their new email thought it was a google prank..well it dint turn out to be so..did it,gmail invitees?

i keep getting letters from ppl for invites.i give as much as i can. i dont want to make the whole world prestigious.i for onwe like gmail adn evrything google stands for. i am volunteer in their quest for information in their effort to localise the google site in various languages. i have converted some part of the google website into telugu,my native tongue.

i have been to splashdown( a water park, where i lazed around), new jersey(edison, nj temple--i bought a shirt there) and the fireworks in fishkill creek for the long weekend. also and more importantly, i have finished mr.crichton's the terminal man. abt the book:

lets just say its definately crichton not at his best. his other books have had more punch in them. this seems to lack that punch. the story seems run of the mill. of course, i cud be wrong. it was one of his earlier books and he dint have his style of writing yet. also the concept cud be novel at the time of publishing , but not now. i know what wud happen even before half thru the book.

the book is about a guy, harold benson, who has motor epilepsy. he keeps beating ppl up and doesnt remember it. so he goes to this fancy hospital,nsu or nsa(or somthing acronym-ical), where they decide to do a stage three - control his brain thru computer when he has his seizures. unfortunately the computer take control of him instead. he has 40 electrodes in him and the detail of the operation/surgery is noteworthy, if not boring and trite. he escapes kills somemore ppl .also he has a hatred of machines and thinks machines are gonna take over the world. combine the 2 plots and rmapage follows. he kills somemore..and kills somemore. i thingk a total of abt 5-7 ppl are dead and lote more injured ultimately. he gets killed in the end by the heroine . i forgot abt her..there's a heroine who's a psychiatrist.she's all she needs to,brainy etc etc
cya harry..ur dead.

update: funnily..even crichton agrees withe me..
What is your least favorite book you have written? Actually, it is TERMINAL MAN. I worked on it for 9 drafts and never felt I got it quite right. I don't to this day know what I would do differently, or what I should have done.

ha ha ha

while lookin for this book's link i founf michael crichton's link

and also sidney sheldon...he's from the male species, not female, for ppl who keep arguing sidney is a girl's name...

there's an excerpt from his new book there.

also there was one nice part in this book..i cant remember..i'll come back to it later..]
till then then

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