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Saturday, July 24, 2004

the subway

yesterday after work i had taken the train to new york city and from there to roni's house. the new york city downtown i.e manhattan is connected by a subway(an underground rail service) called the shuttle. of course,i wasn't aware of it. shuttle ,in india, means a bus shuttle. so when a few wel;l informed passengers told me to take the shuttle and point downwards,i misunderstood as to there being a kind of bus service underground. when i found out that i had to take the train to get to penn station,i did take it.only i wound up in times square. by a stroke of luck i heard someone say that there would be another shuttle which takes me to penn. i ran and caught it. i was getting late for my 6:50 train to smithtown. after getting a little wet i reach penn station to find out the time is 6:49 and i was at the entrance. that wud sound as gud news if i had a ticket on me. i got on the train in a flash,running down the escalators and all a la filmi style. i did buy a ticket onboard.
every time i'm in ny, travelling alone, something happens.
first time roni drops me at jfk airport and my flight is overbooked. they(north west airlines) put me in a cab without my lugguage and i am rushed to la guardia with a weird lookin' lady. she was tatooed all over and she was pierced all over too. by the time i got over that shock i realise i mite be late for that flight too. i reach safely, call my ride from detroit to toledo and everything is fine.
the next time i take greyhound to ny city and spend the day site seeing: empire state building mostly. as im abt to take a train to white plains(roni's office), a latino dude bumps in to me. he makes hell of a noise abt me bumping into him and walking away. he made me stand in the middle of the road with abt 200ppl watching shout back at him that he was as much in fault as i was , if there was a fault ever. we resolved the issue with each of apologizing to one another and leaving. i think he dint want trouble with cops over such a matter.neither did i,but my concern was more on missing my train.
and now this.
i wonder what will happen should i ever get a job in manhattan.

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