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Friday, July 16, 2004

"enregistreur d'enchaînement".com

the title translates into "web logger".com which can be abbreviated to
i am pleasantly pleased to see that has made some changes o the way you blog. they have introduced more options in the create window. apart from the regular bold, italics, font, underline, they have the regular word style stuff. for a second, i expected something more. they disappoint me. well, its a start none the less .
actually as i delve through these , i do find some more options. ihave the option to upload to blogger,which was previously avaiable only through hello,their picture program.
UPDATE: google has bought picasa the picture(hello) program i was talking about.
today's blog isnt much large. just saw the new viedoes of thierry henry on the web on he's one amazing athlete.i am losing some sleep on the thought of patrick viera going away from arsenal. though i dont think it will happen.
trying out a few c programs for a change today instead of the regualr java. got my old turbo c compiler running and stuff.checking out my old program is fun. though im sure i lost a few of them when my computer was last upgraded. :( too bad.
my other blog the photoscope hasnt been doing too well as it has not had much attention. maybe thru the weekend. also i got a new slogan for my blogoscope and photoscope.
bad news on the reading progress at all. while i was surfing i read another blog where la femme was listing the books shes read thru the year. her premise is 52 books in 52 weeks. not bad. shes doing well too. gud luk to her

[[last slogan:Hi...inspired by a friend who was inspired by another ..i have decided to blog... as he said... lets see how long it lasts...]]

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