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Tuesday, July 13, 2004



the book i had already read once before.i like it.its thumbs up.there are a few very interesting conclusions in this book. a few passages are very enlightening. of course, its a fiction book. but a few passages(if they are not fiction) are very though provoking. the book is a typical crichton.
the hero is jack.he's a computer-bio mix engineer/programmer.he's developed stuff on distrubuted networking and predator-prey kind of algorithm's. his wife works for company called xymos.which makes a special kind of neuronano particels which cause some problems. so jack is called to the fab lab to help since his team designed this code.
when he gets there.everything is suspicious.there's been a leak and a few artificially inteliigent particles have escaped and started reproducing and controlling their own behavous. first he doesnt beleive it. but then the particles/swarm attck him convincing him of their nature to destroy like preadtor on prey.
jack tracks them and dertroys them in a comlicated fasion.when he comes back tothe plnt he realises his wife is the reason for the chaos and she's been infested by a variant of those particels which have co-evolved with julia(his wife) and others in the fab lab. he and a beautiful,cute(the side heroine) mae destroy the lab in a explosive way and the day is saved. avg story if u think abt it.but thought provoking to say the least.
this passge is in particular:

"If you compressed the history of life on earth into 24 hrs,then multicellular organisms appeared in the last 12 hrs,dinosaurs in the last hour, the earliest men in the last forty seconds,and modern man less than a second ago."

or this one
"there's an old question in ai abt whether a program can ever be aware of itself.most programmers will say it was impossible. ppl have tried to do it , and failed.
but ther's a more fundamnetsl version of the question , a philosophical quesiton abt whether any machine can understand its own workinggs.some ppl say that will be impossible too. the machine cant know itself for the same reason you cant bite your own teeht. and it certianly seems to eb impossible: the humanbrain si the most complicated structure in the known universe, but brains still know very little about themselves."

now that ive finished reading this..i dont know what ill do now..i know..i'll start on the great train next book :p

update: after a few days of this post,this comes /Management/Science & health

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